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My 5 year old aides were lost at a hotel. I bought Rextons, but they had a trilling sound that the manufacturer's rep first declared didn't exist, until I showed him 11 pages of Internet complaints about the problem.

Think of a police whistle with and then without the ball. The Rexton sound was like with the ball when certain people spoke at certain frequencies, when a truck backed up, and when certain peopled talked. The Rexton Rep then completely took away feedback control, but then, the aides honked and squealed constantly. They could not fix it, so I returned the aides, and bought Phonak aides.

SAME THING! Obviously, the use the same chips but of course, their own software. I returned those! I don't know what to do.

I could not recognize a live Saxophone until I took OFF the aides, that's how bad they were. Barbara Streisand's singing was "under water" and not recognizable. I couldn't understand one female talker 2 feet away until I took OFF the aides! Interestingly enough, the Internet complaints all dated back before 2011.

However, the COSTCO Phonak and Rexton still have the problem. I asked BOTH COMPANY'S tech support people if they were selling their old technology to Costco. They both avoided answering the question. I think that is what is happening.

'Old technology sold to Costco under item names that are NOT at their web sites. BEWARE!

Listen for a "trilling" sound and return aides right away, unless you think you can tolerate this problem after paying Thousands of dollars. The defective aides cannot be fixed.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Size.

I didn't like: Quality.

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Des Moines, Iowa, United States #1080584

I had the same problem and had costco turn off the "echo cancellation". Problem solved.


I fit Rexton aids. Have your provider check to see if the feedback is set to fast.

If I run into the problem I change the response to slow.

Always fixed the problem.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1032174

No whistling issue of any kind with my Kirkland (Rexton) hearing aids from Costco. Maybe you need to have another hearing test to reset the equalization curves.


Do not shop Costco it is a big mistake! You need to go to a pro Audi for a proper fitting and the best of care. Costco is not qualified in this area they are just out for your money!!

to Anonymous River Falls, Wisconsin, United States #1070306

My experience was completely different. I have had hearing aids for 20 years.

My Audiologist was knowledgeable and thorough and actually worked in a "regular" hearing aid store, but left because she felt they charged far too much for their products. So far mine have been very good as my brain is adapting to hearing sounds again, my wife knows my brain has adapted to damp her out :-)


what was exact model?


I have had several models of Rexton hearing aids over the years including CIC and BTE models. I have never had a problem.

They work perfectly for me. I had another brand once from Costco... Can't remember the name... Sorry....

They were terrible. No suspect different brand work better fo different people.

White Bear Lake, Minnesota, United States #965308

Without a name on re review it means NOTHING! You say Rexton is "I think" selling old tech to Costco.

Do you know? You didn't say you bought the aids at Costco.WELL did you? Costco has 90 day return on aids, plus other perks. Hard to find that elsewhere.

Their price is about 1/2 for the same product. You don't say who made your 5 year old aids, why not.. Perhaps it's your hearing that's the problem or is it a vested interest in down talking Costco, Rexton and Phonak.

We'll never know. Thanks for a less then helpful review.

to Craig S Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1032181

You hit the nail on the head, Craig S.

The Rexton hearing aids I got from Costco were the same as the Siemens product offered for three times the price at the two other places that I tried.

Same dehumidifier, same remote, same bluetooth features, same EQ channels, same product. The technician and hearing booth and equipment were better at Costco than at either my medical clinic's audiologist (equipment in poor state of repair) or at the audiologist recommended by my insurance company (noise transmission into hearing booth from the outside).

The technician also seemed more knowledgeable.

Perhaps the "anonymous" who suggested the "pro audi" has a personal agenda or has no personal experience with Costco.

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