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One of my Rexton hearing aids exploded in my ear. I contacted Costco and Rexton, they took it back and a few weeks later gave me a new one and replaced the battery in my other one.

8 months later the other one exploded in my other ear. I've asked many times for my money back and Rexton only offers me another pair. Gee, thanks but no thanks, money please. The explosions were loud enough to throw the hearing aids 5-6 feet across the room and startle everyone around.

I thought I'd been shot it was so loud and I'm sure my hearing is now worse as a result. Theses were over $4000 dollars at Costco. Rexton did offer me a new pair of Kirkland hearing aids.

I was going to accept as I didn't think they were Rexton until I asked Costco who made them and they told me it was Rexton. Be wary of expensive exploding hearing aids of Rexton or now Kirkland brand name.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rexton Hearing Aids.

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Issaquah, Washington, United States #1240058

This person is full of ***, at least so far as the cost of the hearing aids. The highest price hearing aids at Costco is $1399.99 each, or $2,800 for a pair.

The Kirkland ones are $1,700 for a pair.

The Kirkland pair for $1,700.00 has only been available for a few months, and you can return them at Costco for up to 6 months. Dramatic much?


You were charged double that anyone else is charged. How or why would you do that?

Most of Costco's hearing aids are between $1,800 and $2,000 A pair. Why would you give them double?


I've worn hearing aids for more than 20 years and your story seems far fetched to say the least. If a hearing aid exploded in your ear with enough force to fly across the room you would of course be deaf in that ear. In the unlikely event that it happened twice you would be totally deaf.


I do not believe that. Last week I brought back hearing aids after 2 years of use to a Costco in the Bay Area and they gave me my complete refund (no problem).

The Rexton Hearing Aids are $3000 a pair.

I do not appreciate inaccurate information. It really reduces your credibility and doesn't help any of us that are trying to find the right hearing aid.

Tell the full truth without exaggeration.


Kirkland hearing Ida are Resounds Costco sells Rextons but not under the Kirkland name. I have Rexton Quntras from Costco.

They were recommended to me by the Costco audiologist after the most thorough hearing test I've had and I e had plenty. Yes, this was a real audiologist with his number as verified by the state. Why would anyone consider going to someone who is not a licensed audiologist for hearing aids?

If you do you get what you deserve. Might as well buy them on EBay and have your neighbor fit them.

My aids are excellent and far outshine the Oticon Altas a local audiologist tried to sell me for twice the price!


COstco sells the Rexton Digital hearing aids as a 16 channel aid which is false.

rexton has admitted that it's a 16 frequency channel hearing aid. One audiologist claims he called Sieemn's and it's actually a 5 channel hearing aid with 16 frequency channels.

It has confused Rexton and Costco......

Aid any good? marginal


Did you recharge your batteries upside down dufus? I've heard stupidy can cause them to explode

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